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Ronnie Osorio


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The concept of clairvoyance. Piercing green eyes looking into the future against the backg


In some ways, Ronnie had a typical childhood.  He grew up with a very passionate and loving family in El Salvador, where it was common to have friends and family visit often.  Ronnie has memories of some visitors offering insights into reading the past, present, and future as well as methods for aiding or coping with those circumstances.  In connection with those regular visitors, a poignant memory was of a woman bent forward, holding a glass of water and holding her head.  It was as if she was so engrossed in something that she was temporarily unaware of the world around her.  This powerful memory had yet to share its deeper story.  


As he grew older, Ronnie experienced a bizarre vision as he lay on his bed in his room. A baby appeared and was crawling in the corner of the room. It seemed normal, except the baby was crawling on the ceiling, and he didn't know who the child was.  Later, sharing this with his mother (Teresa Osorio), she seemed overcome with emotion.  She shared that she had a child before Ronnie was born, who passed away at six months old.  


     Another notable event happened while helping to care for his grandfather.  While Ronnie lay in bed near his grandfather, he began to hear a voice of a man crying in pain. He recognized this voice belonging to a man named Carlos, an employee of his grandfather's.  Ronnie tried to convince his grandfather of what just happened and who it was.  He resolved that Ronnie just had a bad dream.  Days later, Carlos had been through a severe accident and was in the hospital.  Ronnie went with his family to visit Carlos at the hospital.  When the nurses took Carlos out on the stretcher, he cried in the same haunting tones as Ronnie heard only days ago.


     Ronnie's life began to weave similar patterns revealing dreams and visions on a more substantial scale.  One of these occurred when he was only a small child (8 or 9 years old).  He found himself standing in the middle of a field where he saw other people staring up in the sky.  When he looked up, he saw a craft of some kind crashing towards the planet.  As it came closer, it broke apart into pieces, scattering debris everywhere.  Ronnie vividly remembers body parts and blood showering down upon him.  He was horrified and had no idea what the dream could mean.  

Many years later, after moving to the United States, Ronnie recognized the craft as the Challenger spacecraft that exploded shortly after its launch in the '80s.  Another dream/vision happened in September of 2001; Ronnie dreamed that he was lying in bed and witnessed a large plane crashing through the bedroom window.  Shaken and feeling a bit disoriented, he poured out the story to his partner. This same day planes crashed into the world trade center in New York and at the Pentagon in Washington.   


Over time Ronnie's intuitive awareness only deepened as these types of situations were becoming more frequent. In turn, it began to pave the way for greater attunement and understanding of himself and the seen/unseen world around him.  Questions started to surface more in Ronnie.  For many years, accepting and coping was difficult to do given these strange circumstances.  But, over time, these encounters with spirits, premonitions, visions, and the like, opened an ever-deepening understanding and experience of God and Spirit.  Although unsure as to how, Ronnie resolved to use these abilities to help others.    


     Two people in Ronnie's life stand as significant pillars:  his mother, Teresa Osorio, and Gloria Vasquez, whom he considers a godmother.  Teresa raised Ronnie in more ways than the typical childhood upbringing since he and his mother shared many clairvoyant abilities.  She helped fan the embers of his spiritual life and offered support and insight into the nature of spirit, providing greater clarity and support.  Gloria came into Ronnie's life under strange circumstances.  She walked up to him in a restaurant one day and began telling him about his life and experiences;they had never met before this moment.  After complete denial, Ronnie realized the truth in her words and contacted her shortly after their meeting.  Gloria has helped to open more doors in his spiritual life and helped finetune channeling his spiritual gifts. Gloria and his mother are two prominent figures who continue to support and guide Ronnie.


Many people have mentioned wanting to have these same abilities themselves, but Ronnie says these abilities have their hurdles.  He lives these experiences that are pretty traumatic at times, and it is not always an enjoyable experience. Also, the way these realizations come through isn't always forthcoming. For example, in his attunement, Ronnie must interpret or translate for himself and then relay that understanding to others.  This kind of reading isn't easy, and translating it to others who may not be open is even more difficult. Regardless of the difficulty, Ronnie has been guided intuitively and has resolved to help others in the ways that are available to him.  He has shifted from occasionally helping others to making himself available to more people. 


Ronnie Osorio

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